ARENA E-PUMP gives you a perfect alternative to solve all the issues related to the use  of diaphragm pumps. Suitable for applications with dip tanks, to maintain a constant level (e.g. in robotic dipping cells) or with flow coating to apply the coating with a laminar flow, controlled by  a frequency converter.

E-PUMP Benefits

  • Extensive lifespan (up to 10 times longer than traditional diaphragm pumps) and reduced manpower
  • Lower energy consumption (E-pump payback is less than 1 year, when operating for 3 shifts, just considering the energy savings alone)
  • No bubbles in the coating due to leaking diaphragms.
  • Designed for easy replacement of the existing diaphragm pumps
  • Easy adjustable flow rate, by frequency converter (no manual adjustment on the pump)
  • Laminar flow without pulsations, ideal for a more consistent and faster flow coating operation and to eliminate vibrations typical of a diaphragm pump.
  • Electrical pumping allows the compressors to be switched off when the foundry is not in operation and compressed air is not necessary for other purposes
  • Noise level 50-55 dB (versus 80-90 dB for a diaphragm pump)

Switch from pneumatic diaphragm pumps to ARENA E-PUMP!

The pumping of core coating material has always been a relatively simple task and many different types of pumps have been used with varying degrees of success. By far, the most popular pump used by foundries around the world is the pneumatically powered diaphragm type pump.

However, when these pumps are subjected to core coating fluids, the internal components often suffer as a result of the aggressiveness of the refractory coating. Over time, various types of rubber and polymer components have been developed to try to counter this problem, but then the new components have inflated prices without effectively solving the issue related to the high maintenance demand.

Moreover, diaphragm pumps are driven by compressed air, a form of energy that certainly does not shine for efficiency and convenience. The next charts show two actual real case-studies for a replacement of  a diaphragm pump with an E-pump.

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